About Us
The ‘Jagowala Jatha’ comprises of two brothers, Bhai Satvinder Singh and Bhai Palwinder Singh, from the native village Pattar Kalan (Jalandhar district between Kapurthala and Kartarpur).

It was in June 1968 when Bhai Satvinder Singh first sang a kavita on stage dedicated to the Shaheedi of Bhai Taru Singh Ji. The following year in 1969 it was the 500th Avtar Purab of Sahib Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, which was widely celebrated throughout the world. It was on this special Gurpurb that both brothers sang a kavita on the birth of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji at their local high school and won first prize. From this day a jatha was set up of 4 youth’s from the village consisting of Satvinder Singh, Palwinder Singh, Gurnam Singh and Jaswinder Singh. The jatha performed kavishri by singing praises of our Guru Sahib Ji and Sikh history.

In April 1978 the narakdhari cult opened fire killing 13 Singh’s and injuring a further 78 in the holy city of Amritsar. This massacre was a turning point for the jatha as they became enraged and started writing and singing praises of present day Shaheed Singh’s and began preaching about the oppression that Sikh’s were faced with by the tyrannical central government of India.

The sacrifices of both Singh’s and Singhni’s in this struggle inspired many dhadhi’s and kavishar’s to write about events that had taken place. As we know Sahib Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji created dhadhi’s and Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji created kavishri to raise spirits of the Sikh nation, so it doesn’t fall into a slumber to the atrocities that are happening around them. Taking this concept into consideration Bhai Swaran Singh Jago’s jatha wrote the first version of ‘Jago’ in 1985 which was sung by Bhai Satvinder Singh and Bhai Palwinder Singh. At the time Bhai Randhir Singh from the UK, made a video of the 2 brothers singing and showed it to the panthic sevadars in the UK.

After watching the video a sponsorship was sent from Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Gurdwara Sahib (Derby) inviting the jatha to come and sing kavishri vaaran in the UK. On 27th September 1986 the jatha of Bhai Satvinder Singh and Bhai Palwinder Singh arrived in the UK. Their first programme was held at the Gurdwara Sahib in Hitchin on 28th September. When listings of future programmes were given to the newspapers by Bhai Gurnam Singh Shoker of Derby, he gave the name as ‘Jagowala Jatha’ instead of the personal names. From this day onwards the kavishri jatha of Bhai Satvinder Singh and Bhai Palwinder Singh was known as the ‘Jagowala Jatha’ and have been respected and honoured by the Sikh nation worldwide.

The current version of ‘Jago’ that the Jagowala Jatha sings is written by Bhai Jagdish Singh (brother of Bhai Dalbir Singh Kavi). This version was sung many times by the late Bhai Jagir Singh Mast’s jatha along with Shaheed Bhai Nirmal Singh Ji Chohla Sahib. Bhai Nirmal Singh Ji is always truly loved and respected as an older brother by Jagowale, and is beyond doubt a legend amongst kavishars. He had such pride, love, enthusiasm and dedication to write and sing about Kharku Singh’s that were sacrificing their lives for Khalistan. His sweet voice was a sharp thorn for the Indian government, corrupt policemen and touts.

On 15th November 1991 Bhai Nirmal Singh Ji Chohla Sahib had attained martyrdom. He is a magnificent shining star for the lives of Jagowale and is deeply respected for the kavishri he has taught them as Jagowale believe they have no skills or qualities within them and are forever grateful to the martyrs of the Sikh nation who have given them this life to sing their praises. Jagowale have been blessed by singing the praises of martyrs, in which they have travelled across all four corners of the world to fulfil the wishes of the sangat and will always endeavour to do so in the near future. They will never give up singing praises of our beloved Shaheed Singh’s and pledge to do so up till their very last breath.

In late 2001 Jagowale were approached by the Sevadars of Immortal Productions to bring Kavishiri Vaaran infused with modern day rap and Hip Hop music to appeal to the Sikh youth. This was a complicated move from freestyle Kavishiri to singing in set timings to a beat and having a rhythm. With a lot of effort and great dedication by Jagowale, this seva was accomplished over a few months and 5 remixes were released on Vaisakhi of 2002 under the album title 'Shaheedi Immortality'. Jagowala Jatha and Immortal Productions had created a revolution within the young generation through Shaheedi Vaaran and remixed music. In 2004 to mark the 20th anniversary of the 1984 holocaust, the flagship Kavita of Jagowale titled "Jago" along with others were released for the first time ever as remixes.

Over the decade Jagowale constantly released inspiring Kavishiri Vaaran with Immortal Productions, in which several music producers were involved. One music producer who was volunteering was the Inside-Man (aka Nikka Sev). Being highly impressed with ‘Parnaam Shaheeda Nu’ which was the first song produced by the Inside-Man in 2009, Jagowale met up and realised that they both shared the same tastes and expectations in music and decided to join together as a team for all future projects.

The Inside-Man has taught Jagowale a great deal in terms of understanding beats, rhythms and has trained them vocally to sound better than any previous producer that they have worked with. After the release of ‘Beadbi’ it was decided the Inside-Man would hold any further releases until Jagowale were fully prepared to create a professional project from scratch which required 100% commitment and dedication. As a result of many hours of hard work by the Inside-Man and Jagowale we can carry on bringing Kavishri Vaaran in a musical form alongside freestyle Kavishri.